Charity Event at gymkhana sports club

Last Friday there was a BIG Charity Event taking place (at Gymkhana Sports club) here in town. It was a Sundowner Party in which the funds raised went to Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust, to support wildlife education ANDto implement an HIV outreach program (through Grassroot Soccers "Skills Curriculum). BBQ, a DJ playing all night, bonnfire after dark, different games and competitions (like beer pong) going on, just to mention some. It was really great fun, and we got to know so many new people, which is always a good thing!

Marianne and I even played soccer with a bunch of guys. They ofcourse started off playing quite nicely, thinking we were typical girls. BUT we don't play girls soccer - we play SOCCER, which the they figured out pretty fast. The tacklings soon got tougher, and it was probably an extremely surreal, but incredably funny sight when the girl in the white dress literally flewinto the bushes! :D
We played foosball too that night, which i haven't done since I was a kid. It brought back a lot of memories, not to mention my competition instinct. We ofcourse won the game in the end! Girlpower! ;)

Another funny part of the night was seeing friends of friends of the bartenders all of a sudden gathering behind the bar to help out. Not knowing how to mix a proper drink, even less knowing how much(or should I say little) is suppose to go into it. No wonder the party got hectic.

You know the party is over when the staff starts carrying the chairs on their heads, african style, moving them from outside to inside during those early morning hours.

A little piece of history was made!

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