Women´s Trend Report SS 2013 in general

To my international readers: 
These video´s are all in norwegian, but you´ll still be able to pick up a lot of trend tips as you go along. 
Also, I´ve written a small summary beneath every video.


* If you´re wearing lace or thin, white materials, remember to always wear nude underwear so it won´t be completely see through. That´s how you keep it classy.
* If you can´t find a cropped top (which is super trendy these days) suitable for your figure, simply cut of any tight sweater you have in your closet, like a polo sweater like shown in the video. It doesn´t have to be perfectly done. 
* If you decide to go for the cropped top, make sure it´s long sleeved. Also make sure not to combine it with too tight and too short skirts/ shorts as it will only end up looking tacky. 
* Fully long sleeved shirts can easily seem very formal. Roll up the sleeves for a more relaxed and laid back look.
* See through details like shoes, bags and bracelets is very fashionable right now! 
* Wear nude shoes when wearing an extra pretty dress. That way the dress will get all the attention that it deserves.
* If the rest of your outfit is soft and balanced you can easily spice it up with a pair of patterned or bright coloured shoes.
* For an interesting twist, wear a top with a whole at the back or on the shoulders.  


* Canary yellow, hot orange, Yves Klein blue, emarald green, fuchsia pink. The secret is bright colours, but not neon like in the past seasons. 
* If you are the bold type go for a one coloured outfit from top to toe, or wear an explotion of coloures all together.
* If you don´t want to go over the top, you can also go for one colour, but in different tone scale.
* One can easily feel a bit of a clown when wearing strong colours from top to toe, especially for the first time not yet being fully used to the trend. A little trick is to wear nude shoes. This will also give you the illusion of longer legs.
* If you have a light skin tone it can sometimes be a struggle to wear really bright colours. A little tip is to wear the same coloured makeup (or at least in the same colour scale) to compliment your outfit.
* All strong colours will enhance your tanned skin. 
* Plexi glass clutches is trendy this season! 


* Wear your bikini top with a pair of fancy denim shorts. A cool look especially and perfect for festivals.
* Triangular bikini´s is often most suitable on those with small breasts. If you got bigger breasts and still want a triangular one, go for a version with broader side parts, this will also give your breasts better support.
* Bikini tops with ruffles or pattern will give the illusion of bigger breasts.
* Bikini bottoms with a seam at the back will give the illusion of a well toned butt. 
* Lolita and the 50´s is back! High waist fashion is a very good look for the size +´s. Regarding the bikini bottoms, just bear in mind that they musn´t go too high up as that will give the oposite effect and make you look bigger again. The reson being that there will be too little space/skin showing between your top and bottom. It can be tricky to understand sometimes, but it´s all about illusion :)
* Everyone can wear a bandeau type of top. Being a bigger size you need better support for your breasts, make sure it comes with a rib. 
* Wear a beach tunic and spice it up with a belt and some jewelry. 
* When bying a bathing suit make sure it comes with a cut perfectly fitted your body type, and also with padding. 


* mix and match patterns and stripes.
* You can also go for pattern on pattern or stripes on stripes. 
* Vertical stripes will make the illusion of bigger curves. The wider the bigger.  
* Paisley patter as well as stripes is one of the hottest things you can wear this season. 

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