Bun and three braided hairdo

Step up your classical bun!

1. Section your hair in two by horisontally parting it from one ear to the other. Pin away the front part so it won't get in your way.

2. The back section: Braid a classic french braid starting from your neck and up (to the crown of the head/ by the parting you did in step 1). Put a rubber on it to secure the braid while you finish off the front section.

3. Front: Starting from your forehead, make a reverse french braid. When you get all the way back to the crown you take out the rubber holding the other braid, pull all the remaining hair together and put a rubber around it like you would do with a regular ponytail.

4. Place a bun over your ponytail. Make sure you even out all the hair so the bun doesn't show. Put a rubber around it to secure it in place and let the access hair hang loose.

5. Take all the access hair and braid it into a regular braid (if you want it to look fuller and wider then pull and drag the hair to each side throughout the braid). Last: twist it around your bun and secure it with bobby pins.

6. Hairspray if needed!

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03.10.2013 kl.03:57

that bun looks so cute!



03.10.2013 kl.22:13

Hailey: Thank you so much, sweetie! :) xx

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