No matter what the form (fishing, snorkling, canoing, beaching it up, being on a boat), there's few things, if any at all, that beats being by the sea. It brings peace and calmness to the soul. Always! ♡

I've been wayyy to ME/CFS sick this summer for any kind of boat life. Though I'm super thankful for THAT ONE evening in late August that I was able to go. -Just sitting inside our boat by the doc, playing cards with candles lit, while gossiping and staring at the stars and beautiful moon.

My dearest, little fishing boat - we'll meet again next year!

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03.10.2014 kl.23:10

Så fine bilder av deg <3 Trist at du har vært for syk til å nyte båtlivet.

Vi vet mye om ME her i huset, da min sønn har hatt ME noen år <3

Ønsker deg mange gode dager <3

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